lördag 4 juni 2011

Greetings from England!

Hello fellow friends! This will be in English because I have a english keyboard...;-P 

So, here I am, in England. And it is beautiful. So far we have traveled for a whole day, explored weston-super-mare, gone to youth group, hiked in cheddar and had a movie night. Tomorrow we are leaving Weston to go to London. Weston is a sweet little city with kind people but London will rock!!!

I do find the English country side absolutely beautiful BUT it has NOTHING on Scotland!!! Cheddar was lovely with hills and views and what not but I prefer the mountains in the highlands! 

This is just a short hello to say I am alive and enjoying my self. Now I need to go to bed, tomorrow I'll have an early start... sleep tight and soon I will tell you some more details! 

Love from Weston-Super-Mare!

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